Effective Tips on Repiping your Home

When you still have an old plumbing system in your home, surely this uses galvanized pipes. This type of pipes tends to get clogged easily that is why it won’t be a surprise that problems in your pipes would occur. The best option for you is repiping. Do not wait for the time that your pipes are completely broken or damaged before you think about changing your pipes.

If clogs in your pipes happen, it will prevent water from passing through and will also increase water pressure in your home. It will soon lead to leaks and breakage in the pipes.

There is certainly no stopping galvanized pipes from deteriorating when it comes to quality since wear and tear could easily affect it.  There is nothing that you can do so the best option for you is to plan for the repiping. See to it that you choose the right company to do the job so that the service is efficiently done.

Repiping Options

When you think about repiping, you have two good options – COPPER REPIPING or PEX REPIPING. Any of the two will do depending on which one you prefer.

Most of the households today use copper piping due to its durability. It has been proven to be among the best type of pipes for your plumbing. Installation of this pipe however is a bit costly since it requires a lot of work for the installation.

The plumber needs to do a lot of cutting and soldering. This is why it would cost higher compared to going for PEX repiping. With the use of PVC pipes, the plumber will simply glue the fittings together. They would use a water resistant adhesive to ensure that water will not leak on these connections.

Since connecting is done easily, it would not cost you that much when it comes to its installation. When talking about the cost of the materials, it would  depend on the thickness and rating of the material you choose.

When you consider thick pipes with higher ratings, it would mean that you have to spend more. Though it is best to consider high grade pipes, you also have to consider the possible overall expense.

Additional Considerations

If you own the property, it would be ideal that you stretch your budget. When you invest in high quality pipes, it would surely help you avoid frequent repairs. Though initial cost is high, you could save a lot in the long run.

For your repiping plans, call Costa Mesa Plumbing. Our representatives would definitely be glad to accept your call and answer all your queries. You could request for a plumbing inspection so that we could determine which type of pipes would work best for your system and also which option is best for your budget.

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Do-it-Yourself Bathroom Shower Repairs

Problems in your shower are definitely inevitable. There will always come a time that your shower will stop working, but this do not mean that you immediately call the service of a plumber. A lot of bathroom shower repairs could be handled without the experts. All you need is some skills, time and buying the needed parts.

The first thing that you have to do when this problem occurs is not to panic. In dealing with shower issues, it would also help if you have a cool head. With this, you could think better and you could do the needed repair properly.

Leaking Shower Head

When you see a leak in the shower head it simply means that your seals and gaskets need replacement. If ever you see that it is only the gasket that is damaged, it is better to simply replace the two. When one is damaged, the other one will also be damaged soon.

First, see to it that you shut off the valve that controls the water in your shower. If there is no valve, you really have to cut the main source of water.

Removing the gasket and seal is important before you go to the plumbing shop to buy a new one. For a perfect fit, make sure you bring these damaged parts in the hardware.

Before you assemble everything back, see to it that you cleaned everything in it well. Below are some tools that you might need.

  • Crescent wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Caulking

Misaligned Glass Doors

Most of the bathrooms today have two sliding doors that are placed in different tracks. This keeps them from banging each other. There are just times where one of the doors could get out of its track. This would make opening and closing the door difficult and would require too much effort on your part.

All you have to do is to simply tap the door back into place. See to it that you do it gently or with enough force only in order not to break the glass door. If this does not work, you could lift the door and get it back into place.

Replacing the Sweep

Time will also come that your sweep would need replacement. This is not a difficult repair to do. All you have to do is remove the sweep by removing some screw.

In buying a new sweep, see to it that you bring the old one to purchase exactly the same. Installing it is the same as how you got it out from its place – just the opposite.

For any bathroom shower repairs that you could not handle or you are too busy to deal with it, call Costa Mesa Plumbing. We give you the assurance that our plumbers would be fast to respond and they do the job quickly and appropriately.

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Knowing the Different Causes of Leaky Faucet

If you have leaky faucet in your home, it does not only mean that you are wasting water, but you are also throwing away money. A lot of homeowners today pay unnecessary extra payment in their bill due to leaks in the faucet. In order to prevent this wasting of resources, it is important that you know what causes these leaks for it to be prevented.

It is good to know that fixing problems in the faucet like a leak is quite simple. The problem could be handled on your own, but there are also serious cases where the service of a professional plumber is needed. If the leak is not in the visible part of your property, it’s best to leave its fixing to the experts.

Below are some of the most common reasons for a leaky faucet:

  • Worn down washers
  • Corroded valve seats
  • Bad seal
  • Broken pipes

Replacement of Worn Washers

If you have worn washers, you don’t need to worry that much since it’s easy to fix. The purpose of this washer is to ensure that no water comes out on the mouth of the faucet when it is closed.

This is the reason why if this is worn out or has some holes in it, there is a high possibility that water would pass through.

In replacing this old water, you remove the old one and place the new. See to it that you put it back into place accurately. Check also if the new one perfectly fits. If you have the experience replacing the washer would be a breeze.

Broken Valve Seats

The valve seat is the place where the faucet and spout are joined. The purpose of this part of the faucet is to make that the water flow normally and steadily. It also helps control the pressure in the pipes for too much of is not good.

The reasons why this valve seat would corrode or become weak are the debris and minerals that comes with the water that passes through it. If have not tried replacing this, much better leave the job to a professional.

Bad Seal

A problematic seal would surely result to a leaky faucet. A good maintenance practice is to replace your seal to prevent the experience of leaks in your faucet.

It would be necessary that you know how long a seal will be usable. With this knowledge, you will know when it needs replacement.

Broken Pipes

Leaks in your pipes could result to a lot of problem and even expensive damages in your property. A flooding is usually caused by leak in pipes but it is also possible that it could be due to non-stop leak in the faucet.

If you don’t want to deal personally with leak problem in your faucet, it best to call the experts. We at Costa Mesa Plumbing are always ready to offer various plumbing service which include fixing of leak in faucets. You could be sure that we are dependable and trustworthy in doing our job.

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The Positive effects of Drain cleaning

Drain lines carry all the wastes from your property going to the public sewage. It is necessary that these lines are free from any blockages in order to ensure that wastes would flow freely. This could only be accomplished with drain cleaning. Failure to clean your drain lines in a regular basis could result to a lot of problems and inconvenience.

Most of the time, people would think about their drain lines only when some problems had already surfaced. When you experience problems due to damages in the drain lines, most of the time, damages are already serious. To avoid such misfortune, you need regular drain cleaning service.

Check Your Pipes

Since you don’t have the right equipment and tools to do the cleaning, it is best to get the service of professional plumbers to do the cleaning of your drain. With this, you could be sure that the cleaning is done professionally and that you get good results.

You could be confident that your drain lines are made of high quality materials, but it is not enough reason not to avail of a regular maintenance service.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your wastes would reach the public sewer. This would not be a problem when the drain lines in your home are free from clogs.

Even though we are always hopeful that everything which passes through the drain lines would flow smoothly, there would certainly be cases that clogs would build up after many years. This is most likely due to the grease, food, soap, hair and scum that regularly pass through in the drains.

First signs of slow Draining

The first time you see that draining in some of your fixtures is slow, immediately deal with the problem by purchasing a drain cleaning product. Since the clog is still starting, using some dependable drain cleaning products could do the trick. When you choose a product, see to it that it is environment friendly.

If the product you purchase did not address the problem, it’s the right time to seek the aid of the experts. Dealing with clogs while it is still starting could help you save a lot of money from repair and damages.

The Benefits of Proper Maintenance

With maintenance, your drains will not only function smoothly. It would also help lessen the bacteria which are in your drain lines.

If you seek the service of a reliable plumbing company for drain cleaning, choose Costa Mesa Plumbing. It would certainly be our pleasure to work for you and do the cleaning of your drain lines.

We use latest methods to ensure that there will be no problem in the process of drain cleaning and that the service would yield great results.

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Hydro Jetting – Making sure that Drains are Cleaned Completely

If you are looking for an effective way to deal with serious blockages in your drain, one of your best options is hydro jetting. As we all know as drains age, clogs in drains would slowly buildup. This hydro jetting is a good option for homeowners for it does not only deal with major clogs, it also thoroughly cleans the drain.

Hydro Jetters

Plumbers use powerful hydro jetters to effectively do the cleaning in drains. It has the ability to blast water with extremely high pressure.

The pressure is strong enough to even break any root blockages in drains. Homeowners today could not purchase their hydro jetters in the market, but this comes in a smaller unit.

No matter what the size of a hydro jetter is would still be powerful to deal with simple to major clogs. A lot of new applications for this unit have been discovered.

Other uses of hydro jetters:

  • cleaning HVAC systems
  • washing any surface
  • trailblazing fiber optic cables

Hydro jetters today continue to improve when it comes to efficiency and energy usage. With this, plumbers could now do drain cleaning a lot easier. Though it is easier for plumbers to do their job, the improvement of these jetters could also affect the cost of the service.

Amazing water pressure

When this jetting is performed, a spray nozzle is used. The nozzle is aimed at the drains then water is delivered with extremely high pressure. This would surely cut everything that blocks the drain.

The cleaning could be done easily and fast. To imagine how powerful this hydro blasting is, there are some powerful units that are used to cut metals.

With this new technology for drain cleaning, clogs in the drain could be eliminated properly. Major blockages or even root problems could be handled with ease using high pressure of water. Due to the effectiveness of this cleaning, it slowly becomes in demand in the market today.

One of the reasons why people prefer this service is the fact that it cleans everything in its path. There are traditional practices which are only good when it comes to dealing with major blockages but fails to deal with small clogs slowly building up in drains.

People today recognize the effectiveness of hydro jetting when it comes to helping them clean their drains thoroughly. The result of this cleaning is definitely impressive and continued to amaze not only homeowners but business owners as well.

Make sure that when you seek a plumbing company to clean your drains, this service is available.

For a professional drain cleaning service only choose those professionals with license and experience. We at Mission Viejo Plumbing offers guaranteed plumbing service including drain cleaning. We have a lot of experience when it comes to performing hydro jetting technique to deal with major drain issues.

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The Effectiveness of Video Inspection

Your plumbing system at home is a complex network of pipes and lines which are mostly found underground. This is why when problems happen on these pipes and drain lines; it would be hard to deal with it.

Video inspection is one of the ways professional plumbers do examination on your plumbing system to see what is causing the problem. It helps a lot in making the service of plumbers more efficient and fast.

Issues that Concern the Plumbing System

Leak in drains and pipes are among the most common problems that homeowners experience today.  Anytime, this problem could occur. Drain and pipes could also break or collapse due to its age.

Clogs could also be a big problem in drains. These clogs or blockages could become a big issue especially when you do not perform regular drain cleaning. When your drain is not maintained properly, blockages could certainly surface in time.

The right Thing to do

There might be other people who would tell you that it is good to try dealing with plumbing issues on your own. This is true but in a certain level only.

When the plumbing issue is small and simple, then you could do it on your own. But if you see that it is a complex problem, better let the experts deal with it.

Since you are the one who decides when to call the expert, it is necessary that you are observant with what is happening in your house. Make sure that you immediately check if something is not right in your plumbing.  The best move is to call the experts.

Reasons to call the Experts

  • Garbage disposal problems
  • Clogged drains
  • Water pressure problem
  • Broken and leaking pipes
  • Tree roots problem
  • Toilets that backup

As soon as you experience any of the problems mentioned above, do not hesitate calling professional plumbers. With their knowledge and skills, they could deal with most of these plumbing issues effectively and in a timely manner.

They know that these plumbing problems need immediate attention and fixing that is why they do their best to perform their job fast.

Use of Video Inspection

A lot of plumbers today use video inspection to see the overall condition of your plumbing system especially drains and pipes. Since these are usually found in hard to reach areas, inspection using specialized robots carrying high definition camera works well.

With this method, plumbers could see what is causing the clog, where the leaks are and also the condition of the drain. This helps a lot of plumber alert homeowners regarding the preventive measures they have to do as well as any replacement jobs when needed.

For those who are looking for effective and affordable service, go for Costa Mesa Plumbing. We have been doing plumbing services for a long time. We make sure that video inspection is thoroughly done and appropriate reports are done.

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Easy Repair for Water Heater at Home

In order to ensure that water heater at home is in good condition and functions well, it needs proper maintenance and repair. While, it is definitely ideal to call the service of an expert when a problem is experienced on your water heater, there are some simple fixes that you can do first in order to significantly save money.

Common Problem on Water Heaters

  • Not Enough Heat
  • Strange Noises
  • Leaking
  • No Heat

If you are among those homeowners who love to do personal repair, it’s good to know that you could deal with these problems on your own. Just make sure that you have an idea on what to do and take a lot of precautionary measures when you try to do the repair in your water heater

Not Enough Heat

A lot of people with water heater at home experience long time to get the water heater they need. The problem could also be with insufficient hot water in the faucet.

These problems are commonly ignored by some homeowners for they think that it is just normal. Some also think that it’s a big expense to have it fixed by experts.

The first thing to check is if the pilot light is properly working. When it is not functioning, relight it and check if the problem is solved. Also, check the cold water pipe for any damages.

Make sure that any parts of your water heater system that is old or not working is replaced. When replacement of parts does not deal with the problem, the option for you is upgrading the tank.

Strange Noises

People usually know that something is wrong with their water heater when they start to hear strange noises. This noise simply means that your tank needs to be cleaned or your tank has become rusty.

When maintenance of water heater is not done, it could cause problems on the equipment thus hindering in from working efficiently.


Most of the problem in water heater is due to rusts. This rust could cause some holes in the tank. When you see several holes in your tank, it simply means that it needs replacement.

It would be possible to seal these leaks but it is only a temporary fix. When you don’t see any holes in the tank, try reducing the temperature.

No Heat

The same is with less hot water; the thing to check if there is problem with heating is the pilot light. Make sure that electricity supply is right. If all of these are in normal condition, the problem might be due to problems in the thermostat and other parts of the water heater.

If problems in your water heater are still experienced even with the simple repairs you did, it is best to give the job to the experts. We at Costa Mesa Pluming could help you.

We have been doing water heater repair and installation service for a long time. You could be sure that we offer satisfactory and affordable service.

How to Unclog a Drain by Yourself

Homeowners will experience clogged drains at some point of their lives.  This seems unavoidable because of the reason that many homeowners tend to abuse their plumbing systems to the point that it simply gives out.

The good news for you is that you can learn some plumbing first aids that will allow you to deal with clogged drains without having to call professionals immediately.

The Plumber’s Best Friend

If you will observe, every plumber always carries a plunger.  This trusty plumbing tool is actually one of the most effective ways that professional plumbers deal with drain clogs.

The good thing about a plunger is that it is easy to buy and very cheap as well.  In fact, it is almost a sin for homes not to have a handy plunger tucked away for clogging emergencies.  To properly use the plunger, make sure that the cup completely covers the drain opening. read more

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