In order to ensure that water heater at home is in good condition and functions well, it needs proper maintenance and repair. While, it is definitely ideal to call the service of an expert when a problem is experienced on your water heater, there are some simple fixes that you can do first in order to significantly save money.

Common Problem on Water Heaters

  • Not Enough Heat
  • Strange Noises
  • Leaking
  • No Heat

If you are among those homeowners who love to do personal repair, it’s good to know that you could deal with these problems on your own. Just make sure that you have an idea on what to do and take a lot of precautionary measures when you try to do the repair in your water heater

Not Enough Heat

A lot of people with water heater at home experience long time to get the water heater they need. The problem could also be with insufficient hot water in the faucet.

These problems are commonly ignored by some homeowners for they think that it is just normal. Some also think that it’s a big expense to have it fixed by experts.

The first thing to check is if the pilot light is properly working. When it is not functioning, relight it and check if the problem is solved. Also, check the cold water pipe for any damages.

Make sure that any parts of your water heater system that is old or not working is replaced. When replacement of parts does not deal with the problem, the option for you is upgrading the tank.

Strange Noises

People usually know that something is wrong with their water heater when they start to hear strange noises. This noise simply means that your tank needs to be cleaned or your tank has become rusty.

When maintenance of water heater is not done, it could cause problems on the equipment thus hindering in from working efficiently.


Most of the problem in water heater is due to rusts. This rust could cause some holes in the tank. When you see several holes in your tank, it simply means that it needs replacement.

It would be possible to seal these leaks but it is only a temporary fix. When you don’t see any holes in the tank, try reducing the temperature.

No Heat

The same is with less hot water; the thing to check if there is problem with heating is the pilot light. Make sure that electricity supply is right. If all of these are in normal condition, the problem might be due to problems in the thermostat and other parts of the water heater.

If problems in your water heater are still experienced even with the simple repairs you did, it is best to give the job to the experts. We at Costa Mesa Pluming could help you.

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