Homeowners will experience clogged drains at some point of their lives.  This seems unavoidable because of the reason that many homeowners tend to abuse their plumbing systems to the point that it simply gives out.

The good news for you is that you can learn some plumbing first aids that will allow you to deal with clogged drains without having to call professionals immediately.

The Plumber’s Best Friend

If you will observe, every plumber always carries a plunger.  This trusty plumbing tool is actually one of the most effective ways that professional plumbers deal with drain clogs.

The good thing about a plunger is that it is easy to buy and very cheap as well.  In fact, it is almost a sin for homes not to have a handy plunger tucked away for clogging emergencies.  To properly use the plunger, make sure that the cup completely covers the drain opening. read more

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