If you have leaky faucet in your home, it does not only mean that you are wasting water, but you are also throwing away money. A lot of homeowners today pay unnecessary extra payment in their bill due to leaks in the faucet. In order to prevent this wasting of resources, it is important that you know what causes these leaks for it to be prevented.

It is good to know that fixing problems in the faucet like a leak is quite simple. The problem could be handled on your own, but there are also serious cases where the service of a professional plumber is needed. If the leak is not in the visible part of your property, it’s best to leave its fixing to the experts.

Below are some of the most common reasons for a leaky faucet:

  • Worn down washers
  • Corroded valve seats
  • Bad seal
  • Broken pipes

Replacement of Worn Washers

If you have worn washers, you don’t need to worry that much since it’s easy to fix. The purpose of this washer is to ensure that no water comes out on the mouth of the faucet when it is closed.

This is the reason why if this is worn out or has some holes in it, there is a high possibility that water would pass through.

In replacing this old water, you remove the old one and place the new. See to it that you put it back into place accurately. Check also if the new one perfectly fits. If you have the experience replacing the washer would be a breeze.

Broken Valve Seats

The valve seat is the place where the faucet and spout are joined. The purpose of this part of the faucet is to make that the water flow normally and steadily. It also helps control the pressure in the pipes for too much of is not good.

The reasons why this valve seat would corrode or become weak are the debris and minerals that comes with the water that passes through it. If have not tried replacing this, much better leave the job to a professional.

Bad Seal

A problematic seal would surely result to a leaky faucet. A good maintenance practice is to replace your seal to prevent the experience of leaks in your faucet.

It would be necessary that you know how long a seal will be usable. With this knowledge, you will know when it needs replacement.

Broken Pipes

Leaks in your pipes could result to a lot of problem and even expensive damages in your property. A flooding is usually caused by leak in pipes but it is also possible that it could be due to non-stop leak in the faucet.

If you don’t want to deal personally with leak problem in your faucet, it best to call the experts. We at Costa Mesa Plumbing are always ready to offer various plumbing service which include fixing of leak in faucets. You could be sure that we are dependable and trustworthy in doing our job.

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