Leak Detection

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Identifying Leaks

From our experience with plumbing service, we know that leaks can be fairly difficult to detect at times.

That is until of course you see an unexplainable increase in your water bills, pools of water on your bathroom floor, or water stains on your walls and ceiling.

These are clear indications of potential leaks in your plumbing system.

But what if these symptoms are not present; does it mean that your plumbing system is healthy?  Not exactly.

There are some leaks that only highly trained plumbers like us at The Plumber in Costa Mesa is capable of detecting, that is why you should allow our services to work for you.

Common Areas to Inspect

In majority of homes and offices leaks are usually found at joints of fixtures.

The severity of the problem may differ, which is why the approach to leak detection and repair should also be diverse.

This is the only way to make sure that leaks are detected and repaired correctly and promptly.

You should be aware that leaks can also come from broken pipes or their connections, which can be quite difficult to detect until it is too late and repairs are already costly.

To make sure that your plumbing system remains healthy, you should call us at experts when it comes to Costa Mesa Plumbing when you notice:

  1. Banging pipes in your home.
  2. Crackling and other strange noises coming from your pipes.
  3. Unexplainably high water consumption.
  4. Movements in your water heater when the tap is not open.
  5. Commonly seen wet areas or pool of water on the floor, walls, and other surfaces where spillage has not occurred.
  6. Shifting of the soil or sudden cracks on the structures of your home that have no explainable cause.
  7. Observing foul odors originating from your drains or sewers.
  8. The most obvious would be sounds of constantly flowing water when there are no faucets or showers opened.

We at Costa Mesa Plumbing also provide slab leak detection and repair, which is considered as one of the more dangerous types of leaks because of the impact on the structure of your home.

Any leaks in your sewer and gas lines can also be easily repaired by our licensed and well-trained plumbing professionals.

We can even conduct regular maintenance and checkups of your entire plumbing system to make sure that it remains leak-free.

To help you save on costly repairs or replacements because of plumbing leaks, contact us at Costa Mesa Plumbing today.

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